Whole School approach

Two schools in Kent decided to use the Circles for Learning project as whole school approach to working with children to support the development of solid foundations for Mental Health and Wellbeing. The two schools came together to undertake the 3 days training including: attachment neuroscience and learning, developing emotional competencies, emotional barriers to learning, developing social competencies, the importance of relationships, learning to learn skills and the Thinking, Feeling Behaviour triangle.

Playing with bricks

One school had staff that were confident and motivated to use the Circles for Learning project within class. They liked the child centred way of working and the flexibility of the resources and ability to follow the interests and needs of the children. The other school although interested and positive about the way of working were less confident in running the project within their classrooms. Both needs were supported by the SLT as they recognised the different needs of staff.

Both staff teams used the training to help inform and develop practice around behaviour management and building relationships with children. The SLT noticed a much more professional dialog develop between practitioners when discussing children and also in the discussion with outside agencies. Behaviour was thought of in different ways and moved from a punishment and reward system to a more restorative practice way of working.