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How the project can be used to build resilience in children

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from adversity. Protective factors increase resilience, whereas risk factors increase vulnerability. Resilient individuals, families and communities are more able to deal with difficulties and adversities than those with less resilience (Building children and young people’s resilience in schools UCL Institute of Health Equity).

Resilient children are better equipped to resist stress and adversity, cope with change and uncertainty, and to recover faster and more completely from traumatic events or episodes

Better Inspection for All 2015

What works to improve resilience

To develop resilience we need both outside support and internal strengths. Circles for Learning supports the development of both by creating a secure space for children to observe, talk about and explore the development of a baby with its mother/father. It creates a safe space for thinking and questioning, develops emotional literacy and secure relationships. It supports an ethos of sharing and thinking and problem solving together within the class and develops the relationship between the class baby and the children.

Circles for Learning naturally leads to a wide range of questions raised by the children which can be explored with the support of their Learning Guide/teacher.

These include problem solving and thinking skills, positive thinking and strategies to manage stress. It supports self regulations and understanding how to get yourself in the Learning Zone. By observing and talking about the interactions between Mum/Dad and baby children naturally develop their emotional literacy and start to explore feelings emotions and their link on behaviour.

Protective factors that increase resilience

Positive achievements

Understanding in teaching staff

Caring realtionships

Cooperative learning strategies

Emotional and psychological wellbeing

Support transitions

Engagement in learning and school life

Peer support

Participation and contribution

Raising awareness in parents

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