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Many teachers are worried about the mental health and wellbeing of the children that they teach but do not always have the time or the resources to address this as much as they would like. Circles for Learning has been developed to support teachers weave wellbeing into their classroom practice and really make a difference to the children and young people they teach.

Circles for Learning is a unique project that focuses on developing five essential areas that lay positive foundations for mental health and wellbeing.

It brings together a parent and their young child, and a class of KS1-KS3 pupils for a whole year and creates a space where their natural curiosity enables them to watch relationships in action, how emotions affect our thinking and behaviour, how our sense of self grows out of our experiences and interactions with others and how learning to do things can be full of emotions, mistakes, failures as well as success.

Backed by ten years of development by leading Educational Psychotherapist, Alison Waterhouse, the Circles for Learning Project is now available to all schools. It includes online training for staff to develop their knowledge and understanding in the five areas that underpin mental health and wellbeing, and the Mental Health and Wellbeing Teachers Toolkit; a series of 5 books full of lesson plans, activities and resources. Because it is such an exciting and unusual way of working all practitioners are supported with 1:1 coaching sessions for their first year where they can really get to know the best ways of supporting their class and teach the skills that promote positive mental health and prevent some of the mental health challenges from developing.

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