How to become a Circles for Learning practitioner

Circles for Learning is a unique project for KS1-KS3 and because of this the Teachers who introduce it into the classroom tend to be unique as well. Those who train as Circles for Learning Practitioners are looking for something special that is new, research based, exciting and ignites children’s interest. They are Teachers, Heads, Wellbeing Leads, Teaching Assistants, and Emotional Literacy Assistants who believe that classrooms need to support the development of the key areas that develop positive mental health and wellbeing as well as academic growth.

695,000children and young people in the UK between the ages 5 - 16 have significant mental illness

39,000children are affected byANXIETY

18,900children are affected byADHD

10,800children are affected byDEPRESSION

68,100children are affected byCONDUCT DISORDER

41,921 children and young people were hospitalised for self-harm in 2014

The rate of suicide in our children and young people is at an all-time high

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How it works

Our training

Our training consists of two keys areas:

Through online training we will develop your knowledge and understanding in the 5 key areas that influence positive mental health and wellbeing.

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