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What is the Circles For Learning project?

Circles for Learning is a unique whole class or small group project that is focused on developing the five essential elements that enable positive foundations for mental health and wellbeing to develop.

Positive relationships
Emotional literacy
Skills for learning
The brain, learning, and behaviour

Circles for Learning trains and then supports teachers to bring a parent and young child into the classroom (KS1-KS3) once a month for a year. This amazing experience allows children to observe the development of relationships, watch learning unfold, understand how our sense of self develops and observe and understand emotions and the ways in which they impact on our behaviour.

With the guidance and support of their teacher they explore and think about what they have seen and how this may link to their own development, learning, thinking, behaviour and ways of interacting with others. These parent young child observation visits are the provocation or stimulus to follow up work led by the teacher exploring each of the five essential elements that form the foundations for positive mental health and wellbeing.

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